Die Grimmwelt

Von Ärschlein bis Zettel

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Ed. City of Kassel in collaboration with Annemarie Hürlimann and Nicola Lepp

17 x 24 cm
272 Pages
168 ills.

ISBN 978-3-944874-23-4 (German)

/ From A to Z—The World of the Brothers Grimm

/ A book for reading and viewing pleasure: accessible, scholarly, literary

/ New permanent exhibition in Kassel

The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm not only collected fairy tales, they were also cultural scientists, librarians, professors, politicians, and German philologists. As such, they were also the initiators of what is still the most important dictionary of the German language. In the form of a glossary, twenty-six of these lemmata taken from the German dictionary—from A as in Ärschlein, and K as in Kleinwesen, to Z as in Zettel—provide insight into the cosmos of the famous brothers, their lives, their work, and their influence upon others. And the third brother, the painter Ludwig Emil Grimm, is honored as a chronicler of the Grimms’ lives. Essays by renowned authors are flanked by many illustrations of the historical examples and installations of the new, permanent exhibition, Grimmwelt, which opens in September 2015 in Kassel. This publication is addressed to everyone who loves or is interested in the Grimms; at the same time, it is also a source to be gleaned.

The authors and their essays: Hans Magnus Enzensberger on insults, Siri Hustvedt on fairy tales, Alexander Kluge on happiness, Mona Körte on absurdities, Martin Mosebach on wedding vows, Yōko Tawada on the idiosyncrasies of the Germans, Barbara Vinken on mothers, Simon Winchester on the lives of books, and many more.