Stille Post

Herlinde Koelbl

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17.5 x 17.5 cm
68 Pages
28 illustrations

ISBN 978-3-944874-67-8 (German)

/ How to turn an elephant into a mosquito

/ Fresh perspective, pure emotion

/ Photos that reveal trust

/ A special gift book

/ Sixteen nations, and some famous people Faces: Sunnyi Melles, Charles Schumann, Amelie Fried, Jörg Hube

»Stille Post« is a classic around the world. Regardless of whether the popular children’s game is known as »Telephone«, »Flüsterpost«, »Chinese whispers«, »téléphone arabe«, »passaparola« or »teléfono estropeado« the rules are simple, and always the same: listen, understand, repeat. Person-to-person communication—between the old and the young, black and white, man and woman—also functions in the same way. In her intercultural photography project Herlinde Koelbl has captured on camera the intimate moments of whispering and listening. To do this, the well-known artist brought together twenty-eight mismatched couples: women, men, and children of every age from sixteen different nations and five different continents—including celebrities such as the actor Sunnyi Melles, bar owner Charles Schumann, and the host Amelie Fried. They all whisper messages to each other. Each person understands something different, and decides how to interpret and repeat what’s been heard. Even though we readers don’t know what the content is, the encounters documented in these black-and-white pictures reveal a kind of trust that overcomes all language barriers, eliminates cultural differences, and forms a chain of understanding.

Herlinde Koelbl (*1939) is an internationally renowned fine arts photographer and documentary filmmaker. She’s also the recipient of many awards, including the Dr. Erich Salomon Prize (2001), the Golden Camera (2000) and the Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany (2009). She lives and works in Munich. Her works are seen in exhibitions around the globe and can be found in numerous public and private collections.