Die Weisheit des Kreierens

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EJ Osborne,
Photographs by Marte Marie Forsberg

Translation by
Frank Michael von Berger
18.7 x 25.4 cm
144 Pages
146 illustrations
September 2017

ISBN 978-3-944874-73-9 (German)

»wonky is wonderful!«

EJ Osbourne


/ Slow design for everyone: Welcome to the spoonzone!

/ Long a movement in England, America, and Scandinavia, there’s now a growing community of woodcarvers in Germany


E. J. Osborne was studying product and furniture design as he gradually realized that there was no sense in sitting all day in front of a computer, developing product ideas for mass production. He quit school and moved his family to the country. What did he want? To be creative, make something with his own hands, do sustainable work—or what? Then he got an idea: make spoons.

In this book Osborne shows us how to make a simple, unique, and functional object out of a tree branch, using just three tools: an ax and two carving knives. After a richly illustrated introduction to the basic techniques of woodcarving and how to produce a basic spoon, the book goes on to elaborate. Other shapes for more advanced carvers are presented at the end, including spatulas, mixing spoons, and coffee spoons.

But carving spoons gives us even more: on the search for the right wood, you can wander through the woods around your own home, learning how to identify trees and seeing nature through new eyes. Discovering the pleasure of concentrating on carving for hours, the scent of the wood, and one’s own skills. And finally—the reward, the unique wooden object, handmade. Slow design!

EJ Osborne makes spoons and sells them online via his website and in select shops under the name Hatchet + Bear. He teaches regular workshops in a clearing near his hometown. He’s been a guest speaker at a TED conference and blogs daily on a number of sites.

Marte Marie Forsberg was born in Norway and grew up there on a farm. Her photos are atmospheric presentations of different lifestyles. A renowned lifestyle and food photographer, she works for a number of magazines and private clients, and lives in London.