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Fotografien von Craig Fraser

Translation from English
21 x 26 cm
ca. 204 Pages
ca. 110 illustrations
September 2017

ISBN 978-3-944874-78-4 (German)

/ Mimi Jardim – Inventor of the famous Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce and PERinaise

/ Epicurean pleasures for more than just the taste buds

/ Rich with memories and many delicious recipes

/ A love letter to Portugal: authentic recipes, masterfully photographed

This beautifully designed cookbook by Mimi Jardim—an Old Master of Portuguese-South African cuisine—is an homage to her culinary roots. With more than eighty recipes she takes us on a gourmet’s journey of discovery, immersing us in a colorful world full of pleasure and intense flavors. The chef’s little notes, tips, and stories enrich the repertoire of pregos to bolo rei. The various recipes are categorized in a different way: “Family” represents the Jardims’ favorite recipes; “Joy” contains all of the recipes Mimi Jardim likes to cook when she’s happy, while “Discoveries” features dishes that are perfect for the times when you feel like trying something new. With this unusual collection of recipes inspired by Portuguese cuisine combined with a delicate South African note, Jardim opens up a world that will appeal to many, besides fans of Portugal.

Mimi Jardim (*1943) was born on the beautiful Algarve coast in Portugal and emigrated to Johannesburg in South Africa with her family in 1957. She still lives there today and is now a renowned South African (television) chef, founder of Jardim’s Cookery School, and an author. As a young girl she gathered her earliest culinary experiences in a family that loved cooking; on her Portuguese grandmother’s farm she learned the proper use of fresh food—the most important ingredient in any recipe.

»This book is a tribute to Mimi’s fifty years of cooking, teaching, loving, discovery, and sharing. It emphasizes the flavors and aromas of Portuguese cuisine and shows us how the Portuguese cook—with their hearts and souls, and not always according to exact measurements.«
Robbie Brozin