Entlang der Küste

Die Küche des Mittelmeeres

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21 x 26 cm
288 Pages
136 pictures
March 2018

ISBN 978-3-944874-79-1

/ For everyone who loves the sea!

This book takes readers along the coast, from Italy to France to Spain, discovering the wonderful delicacies and incomparable hospitality of the Mediterranean region. Explore the diversity of three great cuisines: Catalan, Provencal, and Ligurian. All three have olive oil in common, paired with their shared love of garlic, fresh herbs, and fresh, seasonal vegetables—not to mention the shellfish, fresh fish, calamari, and mussels of all kinds! These basic ingredients are used completely differently, depending on the region. Bouillabaisse is not the same as zuppa di pesce, nor is risotto like paella. This book features the wealth of variations that have developed regionally over the centuries in everyday Mediterranean cuisine. Take a culinary journey along spectacular stretches of coastline and let the many stories and recipes, enriched with wonderful landscape photos, spirit you away to distant lands.

“Regional cuisine is like having a landscape on your plate.” Lucio Galletto